Why AC maintenance is a MUST! (2 of 3)


Air Conditioning Maintenance is a MUST!

maintenance issue

In our first  “Why air conditioning maintenance is a MUST!” we talked about how neglected systems can be dangerous to your health. A system left alone can not only be unhealthy but also unsafe in many ways.

When I worked in San Antonio, Texas I was introduced to locking caps for where the refrigerant is serviced. Basically they are caps located where refrigerant is checked and are now (since approximately 2010) mandatory for all air conditioning systems as code. That’s great it will be a lot harder for any guy off the street to mess with ac systems OR FOR ANY KID TO KILL THEM SELF. Yes I did just say die. I found out that kids were huffing the refrigerant from the AC units and one died in San Antonio TX. It made the news. That made that code make a lot more sense.

Electrical to the air conditioning systems has 220 Volts. When the systems are do not have professional maintenance the electrical can become hazardous. The wire can become exposed due to time in the sun, poor installation, or a hungry dog. I know your dog would never do this but I have personally repaired systems because the dog chewed through the electrical. Think about what happens if a dog chews into 220 volts of power…not normally good things follow that thought.
Redding Heating & Air Conditioning covers all aspects of safety on every routine maintenance. Could you allow us to be your company?