Why air conditioning maintenance is a MUST! (1 of 3)



Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is a MUST!

Air conditioning maintenance is one of those appliances that can slip our minds if we procrastinate. If our Ac is working we think great there must be no problem. I have looked at enough systems to say frankly the opposite. Sometimes the system running is the BIGGEST problem.

How can this be?

Let me explain. Our home is where we spend most of our life. Sleep time alone is approximately 1/3 of our life. What we breath is critical to how we feel and how healthy we will be. The majority of the air we breathe circulates through our heating and air conditioning system.

Now if we don’t think about it we will never know how bad it is so let’s push ourselves and jump inside the system together. At the core of air conditioning there is a unit that is dark inside and when we run Ac the air blows over cold refrigerant copper tubes that condensate water as it runs. So we have a box with water and no light. Just with that lets think about what happens with dark moist places? Well that sounds like a great place for growth. Not the good kind of growth more like bacterial growth. So put that together with maybe the dog, or the cat, and we don’t even want to think about how much dust also known as dead skin us humans get past our home depot filter. So we jump back out of the system run to the thermostat and turn off the Ac. Do we want to spend a third of our life breathing cave air? That’s why when we run our system it can be more broken than if it has never had a “problem”.

So what do we do?

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