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Air Conditioning Compressor not working part 2


Clean, Clean, Clean! your air conditioner

I just came back from a call here in Redding where the AC was broken. I found a bad fuse and an extremely dirty AC system. I would like to propose that regular maintenance on HVAC systems in any residential home can save home owners a lot of money. For what it cost home owners to have a technician out to there house replace fuses and clean the system could have paid for a year of  maintenance at FRESH AC. Bottom line is what can YOU do???

Clean outdoor coil. Step 1 turn off power. Step 2 connect a garden hose to nearest water supply with spray nozzle. Step 3 spray directing down at coils with a minimum amount of pressure not to bend fins.

Clean indoor coil. Step 1 turn off power. Step 2 Open coil casing. Step 3 Use brush to clean fins. Step 4 Use soft rinse coil cleaner. Step 5 re-assemble unit

Clean Accessible ducts. Step 1 Turn off power. Step 2 Remove filter and clean with vacuum cleaner as far as possible. Step 3 open furnace or air handler and clean all dirt and dust.

Just deep cleaning your AC system can SAVE your health, money, and keep you and your family safe.

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