Fresh Residential Maintenance Plan & Pricing

Maintaining HVAC Unit

Maintenance is recommended for heating and air conditioning systems every six months. Like on automotive your heating and air conditioning needs regular maintenance to prevent costly repairs. Maintenance on your system reduces risk of unhealthy indoor air quality, protects you and your family from unsafe system operation, and improves your system efficiency.

Summer Maintenance

We will change your filter to improve indoor air quality. We will clean out your drain line to prevent water from overflowing at your unit and damaging your home. We will clean your outdoor coils to enhance the performance of your system -20 point inspection included.

Winter Maintenance

We will change your filter to improve indoor air quality. We will check your gas burners to ensure fire safety (furnace). We will check your electrical to ensure a safe operation (heat pump). We will clean the burner area to enhance the performance of the system -20 point inspection included.

As a part of Redding Heating and Air Conditioning you receive the best prices and priority service

  • You will receive a 20 point professional HVAC tune up on each visit
  • New HVAC filter on each visit
  • HVAC system diagnostics at no charge anytime you call (upon approval to repair)
  • 24/7 Service
  • You will receive a total system evaluation and on each visit
  • You will receive 10% off all extra services or repair
  • You will receive 5% off a new system
  • Same day service any time you call (no after hours charge)
  • All benefits apply the entire year from date of purchase

How it Works

  1. Sign up for our Fresh Residential Maintenance Plan (one-time charge of $229 + $99 per additional system on house)
  2. Our technicians will come out and service your system for either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter
  3. We’ll follow up with you in about 6 months to schedule a service in the opposite season, included at no additional charge!

Residential Pricing

  • Residential Maintenance Plan
  • $229
  • Follow-up Summer or Winter Tune-Up Included at No Extra Charge!
  • Fee is paid for at first maintenance service. Second service is free and optional (at your option).
  • Add’l Systems on Property: $99 each

For business and commercial systems, please call or email us for a quote.

Maintenance: Full Services