About Fresh Heating & Air

Fresh AC Redding HVAC Repair and Installation

We are a heating and air conditioning company located in Redding, CA, specializing in installing, repairing, and maintaining, HVAC units, as well as additional services: Ducts, indoor air quality, and more.

I’m Michael DeMers. It’s a Pleasure to Meet You

Michael DeMers is the founder and owner of Redding, California-based Fresh Heating & Air Conditioning

I was  fourth-from-the-top in a family of 13 brothers and sisters which meant there were more siblings under me than over me. In a large family I learned that everyone has got to do their part. From a very young age, the values of “doing my part” were instilled in me, such as: loving God, giving, honesty, hard work, forgiveness and many other characteristics that make a family enjoyable. These core values are the same values I have lived by throughout my HVAC career.

I remember the day when I told my brother Eddie that if I was to start an air conditioning company I would name it Fresh because I didn’t like the way air conditioning smelled sometimes and wanted to bring fresh air into peoples homes. It was more of a vague idea at the time. I never had plans of starting a business of my own, though since 1999 I have always made it top priority to give my best to every owner, co-worker, and customer that I come in contact with.

Today I have a chance to make decisions to guide a business operation of my own and I aim to serve every person the same way I was raised to do: as though each person is a part of my family.

The HVAC Journey and Redding, California

My introduction to the Heating and Air Conditioning industry  was through Starr AC, a family-owned business with a customer base in Sacramento, California. I was hired to ride along with my friend Ken Starr for a humble $8.00